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Our Campaign Work

The rapid and ongoing changes to Marylebone necessitate community involvement in shaping the environment and ensuring it retains its neighbourhood qualities.

The Society often campaigns with local stakeholders to raise awareness of antisocial issues affecting the area. Recently these include the clutter and obstruction of dockless bikes, and large scale proposed demolitions such as the old NCR Building at 206 Marylebone Road. Current campaigns can be seen on our Planning & Environment page.

Historically the Society has campaigned successfully to preserve the heritage of Marylebone, working against the demolition of Marylebone Station, pedestrianising Wyndham Place, and restoring the Wesley Memorial Garden on Marylebone High Street.


2012 - 2014

The Wesley Memorial Garden

Opened in 1951 on the site of a war-damaged Church, this site was restored by the St. Marylebone Society in 2012 and is one of the few open spaces in Marylebone village that provide respite from its bustle.

St Marylebone Station

1951 - 1957

Saving Regent's Park

Working with the Georgian Group and the Crown Estate Commission, the Society prevented the wholesale demolition of the war-damaged and otherwise derelict Nash Terraces of Regent's Park.

These restored structures comprise some of the most impressive and famous buildings in London today.


Wyndham Place

The St. Marylebone Society campaigned for and funded the pedestrianisation of Wyndham place and its paving, to create a small sanctuary of peace in a very busy part of Marylebone. This is currently at threat from TFL's proposed Cycleway 51

Apartment Building

1983 - 1986

Saving Marylebone Station

Following years of campaigning against the demolition of then-derelict Marylebone Station, the Society undertook vital campaigning and lobbying work which is celebrated today, as the station brings in around 8,000 daily commuters.

City Traffic
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